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Submitted on
June 29, 2010



need help. someone stole my artwork. *updated*

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 29, 2010, 6:23 AM

thanks for all your support and feedback! i already sent a cease & desist letter to them. i hope it works so that i don't have to take the legal course. we don't have the best law enforcement here, sadly, so it's not really the path i want to go through. as for now, i can only wait. wish me luck. :)

i went to a mall this afternoon and i found this in one of the store:

and i soon realized it's taken from:

A Hug by arhcamt

they've never contacted me whatsoever about the usage. i'm furious but i try my best to stay calm and not start flaming their facebook page and call them art thief (though i really want to).

i looked for their website but it seems inactive. don't have any e-mail whatsoever but i do have a contact person and an address from the store clerk. maybe i'll start from there. however, seeing the kind of law we have here, i am a little bit pessimistic it will all go well. :(

btw the clothing brand seems to have a branch in singapore. if you reside in singapore, can you please check if they also have it there? it's called factor outfitters. thank you.

i'm in facebook! oh, and i tweet too!
  • Mood: Vengeful
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JessieMyers Jun 3, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
What happened with this. Did you win your case?
Palandurwen Jul 10, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
oh my lord!
I was so busy with my exams and study stuff, that I haven't had a look on dA for a long time - but THIS is really so annoying - and so frustrating!
I really cannot stand people who use art of other people without asking - but here it's stealing! the sell this - and it's your idea, your mind, your art - whaa, I'm really pissed off of these people!!

I really hope you can find a solution and don't have to go the way of law if it is so "nice" there .... :/

:hug: don't be too frustrated!
Sometimes I wonder if they feel bad at all when they steal shit. Like do they have a bad feeling in their gut? Would it even stop them?
Such assholes. Good luck sweetheart.
have you seen this too ?[link]
oh no, i haven't. the font choice is the same but i don't think it's a direct copy of my work. :)
I think everyone else has said the things I would. I agree it's probably in your interest not to get hot-headed and to build a case against them. Good luck!
I'm totally on your side... hope everything turns out well for you.
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